a cute crying baby

A puzzled New Mom

There is a cry for a hug

There’s a cry for a snug

There’s some crying for each season

And there’s a cry for just no reason.

There is a cry for some warmth

There’s crying of different kind of forms

There’s a cry just out of a puff of air

And there’s one that’s not written anywhere.

A continuous cry, one with no delays

There’s a night’s cry and one of a day’s

There is a cry of hunger

There’s a cry of a wet diaper.

Cries begin and usually extend

Sometimes it actually has no end

I don’t know which and I don’t know how

I only wish I knew what crying it is right now.

I wrote this when my little one just cried and cried and I simply had no idea why and how to calm her.

I knew that there were many reasons and many things I could do but I remember this time as one of the most confusing and frustrating times I have ever experienced. There were times I only wished there was a manual attached to the baby to help me with the troubleshooting at least :)

But there was no manual then and there is no one now but I can share with you some of my insights after many hours of cries. (hers as well as mine…)

In this post and the one that will follow I will try to summarize a few key points on how to deal with some of the causes of baby never-ending cries.

This may help you figure out if your baby is unhappy because they are hungry. If you see those signs, try and offer some formula or breastmilk and hopefully you and your baby get calm and peaceful time together.

In our next post we’ll address one of the most frustrating things which is colic. We have some tips for you on how to try and diagnose it and most importantly how to try and make it easier for you all. Stay tuned :)

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