cute baby on a baby milestone blanket

Celebrate The Milestones

Our little ones grow so fast that we most times miss out on capturing their growth.
Have no doubt that seeing them at every stage will melt your heart and theirs in years to come becoming a keepsake FOREVER.

So, how do you document your little ones’ growth?

Baby Milestone Blanket

We in Cute n’ More offer you our Baby Milestones Blanket which is one of the easiest and most adorable ways to do just that.
With our unisex super large 40×60” (100x50cm) milestone blanket that isn’t only so cute, extra-large, has no wrinkles and its fabric is opaque but makes it easy for you to take gorgeous professional images of your baby at every month up to a year old.
Big enough for twins, soft enough to use as a regular blanket and perfect for a baby shower gift.
It comes with a bonus frame, a cute bib, a reusable storage bag and an eBook (you really don’t want to miss) for FREE.

a cute baby on a unisex baby milestone blanket
a cute baby on a super large unisex baby monthly milestone blanket with a cute illustrated bunny and a ring indicating the months of the baby in the first year of his life

Baby Memory Book

Our Baby Memory Book is the most inclusive, super cute and gender-neutral way to record the amazing milestones and memories of the little one.
From the days of pregnancy, through the first step, first words and many more moments up to the first day at school.
You get generous space to document those memories in this specially designed beautifully drawn storytelling book that is so easy to complete, perfectly fits for boys or girls and designed to be suitable for all families and all parenting scenarios
This guided journal will become a cherished keepsake of a treasured time.

illustrated neutral gender baby memory book
baby memory book documenting the important milestones of baby’s first years in an illustrated neutral gender memory book

Printable development stickers & charts

We also offer you our printable adorable baby month stickers to capture every precious moment using these water color special and original design of cutest illustrated animals. This is just a great way to document each milestone in your newborn as they grow.

Document your kid’s height and weight with our growth chart or mark their teeth as those appear and drop wth our teeth development chart, so you document each milestone in your newborn as they become an infant and onward.

baby milestone stickers
baby milestone stickers showing first time milestones illustrated with cute bear bunny and cats

Baby Months Cards

A set of 12 illustrated cards for taking amazing photos of the baby’s growth in the first year of life.
Those beautiful milestone cards will help you celebrate your baby as they grow!
With our cards, you can document each and every special month during your baby’s first year of life.
Each card has an illustration of a different illustrated animal as well as the age of the baby in months.
The cards are packed in a fancy cardboard box that protects them and binds them together. A keepsake for life!

Baby Milestone Cards

A Pack of 12 illustrated postcards for taking gorgeous photos of the most significant milestones in the development of the baby’s first year (unisex).

Each postcard marks an important and exciting event such as the first laugh, the first rollover, the first word, and much more.

And of course, there is enough room for you to add the date on which the joyous event took place.

The postcards are packed in a fancy cardboard box that protects them and binds them together as a keepsake for years.

Baby Bith Certificate

A stylishly designed birth certificate. A perfect gift for a mother and a perfect item for decorating the nursery.

Choose the design you like and we will design a custom birth certificate specifically for you,

You will get to document and preserve the exciting event of birth in a unique and specially designed item made just for you!

We can include the name of the baby, date and day of birth, time of birth, weight & height, the hospital where the birth took place and any other information you would like to add. Yes, is possible!

You can add a picture frame for an additional 20 NIS.

Have questions? check out our FAQ

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